Flexibility Meets Power


A Whole New Approach to Dosing


No operation or application is the same so why should your doser programming be? With Chart's DynamicDoseDuration you are in control of your dosing program. With the Pack Premier you can extend the flexibility to your dosing pressure.

Interchangeable Doser Arms

Floor space on many packaging lines is at a premium. Because of this the need to be flexible with the doser arm is becoming even more vital. The CryoDoserFleX is available with an interchangeable dosing arm to change the doser position.


Automatic Purging

Keep your doser operating at optimum efficiency. The automatic purge puts the device in control and reduces human interaction to purge the system for faster startup, helping you focus on the your packaging operation.

Custom Application Controllers

Now with two controllers the CryoDoserFleX can be customized to your specific application. The Pack Premier is designed for high volume discreet dosing while the Craft Custom is the perfect solution for standard craft beer and coffee canning lines.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact Size - enables installation in limited spaces
  • Exactrack - an all new EDS (Electric Dosing System) provides supreme accuracy. You can proportionally control the amoun the actuator opens and make dosing duration changes in increments of 0.1 ms.
  • RemoteDose Standard - monitor, troubleshoot and make adjustments while connected to your network.
  • SoftDose Compatible - Chart's proven technology for hot fill, posder and granular applications.
  • MicroDose Standard - the Pack Premier has a controller function that allows dosing pressure adjustments.
  • Industry Leading Warranty - four(4) year vacuum warranty, one(1) year controller warranty

All New Controllers

Craft Custom

The first doser controller designed specifically for the craft beer and craft coffee industry. The Craft Custom is a plug and play controller designed to get your 750cpm packaging line up and running in no time.

Pack Premier

Finally, everything you need in customization for your high-speed packaging line. The Pack Premier includes ExacTrack allowing for exacting dosing duration changes. The ultimate in flexibility.

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